Dog gave birth on the street and did everything to protect her puppies until she collapsed

 Nothing is more dismal and terrible for a dog than having to give birth to her babies on the sidewalk.

This unfortunate mother had to expose herself not only to the various perils of the streets, such as starvation and sickness, but also to her anguish after being abandoned since her owner learned she had been pregnant by accident.

Her owner placed her in his car and drove miles from home to dump her off somewhere she couldn't return, with no intention of taking responsibility or providing her with much-needed care.

The dog was on the verge of death while trying to give birth on the sidewalk in order to preserve her babies.

Unfortunately, many puppies are subjected to this condition at the hands of unscrupulous owners who discard them as if they were old furniture.

The days passed, and the brave mother did everything she could to survive, pregnant and living on the streets, her health deteriorating with each passing day.

Many others were unconcerned about his plight; only a good Samaritan provided him help.

She gave birth while laying in a cardboard box after failing to take her pregnancy to term. Her mother, almost unconscious, exerted what little power she had to defend her children.

The brave mother gave birth to six puppies, however two of them did not survive. She attempted to keep the remainder of the litter warm and nourished while grieving, but she was too exhausted to battle alone.

No animal should suffer as a result of man's folly.

It wasn't until a passerby intervened and phoned a woman who lives nearby and assists animals that the mother felt a bit better.

However, it was not easy to earn the mother's trust; at first, she would not allow anybody to come close to her, much alone her children. If somebody got too close to her and assaulted her, she naturally reacted with protective instincts.

Check out her transformation in this video and help us spread the word about it to raise awareness:

Finally, the dog realized that no one would hurt her or her babies, so she calmed down and accepted her rescuers' help.

Everyone was quickly brought to a veterinary facility, where they received the necessary medical treatment. The mother was quite weak, but she would recover if she received good treatment.

The puppies would be monitored over the following 48 hours to see if they would survive.

All animal lovers must get together to protest the inhumane treatment of helpless animals.

The remaining four puppies miraculously survived and are gaining weight every day since their mother is feeding them healthily and can give them with all the milk they require.

The dog must follow a particular diet; it is critical that she take all of the nutrients in order to survive and heal fully from her terrible experience due to her owner's negligence.

The family is content, but they will shortly be placed for adoption.

The entire furry family is safe and sound thanks to the goodwill of a passerby and the great effort of their savior. However, we are sorry to suffer that hundreds of female dogs, like her, are left to their own devices and subjected to the harshest treatment, when they should at the very least be sterilized to save further suffering.

How is it that people have no compassion for the small dogs that have life inside them? There is no term for what they did to this mother. And maybe, this narrative will touch people's hearts and raise awareness.

Please, let us raise our voices and speak out in support of the puppies that suffer quietly at the hands of unscrupulous individuals.

The profession of animal rescue is genuinely commendable; do not insult or undervalue people who offer sanctuary for an abandoned animal. Follow in his footsteps and help him in changing the perception that many people have of stray dogs.


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