“More than a month tied up”: Neighbors ask to release a dog that endures rain without a roof. looks sad

Social networks not only serve to share our pride, pleasure or inspirational moments, but it is also a venue to publish situations that should worry everyone and report them if appropriate.

This is what a neighbor did in the State of Mexico, when she took the choice to film and broadcast to the internet the awful circumstances in which her neighbors kept a dog: tied up, without food and in the rain is how she was.

Through the sequence, the woman recounted the circumstances in which this dog resided in what would be the backyard of the home, and where she had never gone. She is presently in the rain, but the person emphasizes that it also happens when she is hot.

“More than a month tied up there, they always keep her that way, they don't feed her, they do give her a bottle of water, but they don't give her anything to eat. They don't let her go, they don't feed her, and she spends her time there in the heat and rain "said the woman who videotaped the dog in order to expose her owners.

After the video was published on social networks, many urged that some authority take notice to this situation, because it constituted animal cruelty to keep a pet in these circumstances.

In this way, and after the outrage produced by netizens, the Environmental Protection Agency of the Government of the State of Mexico (PROPAEM) claimed that they had previously treated the situation of this dog.

However, they did not want to disclose more information on the status of the canine, as they claimed that since there is an administrative procedure, they cannot give more information since the relevant process may be impacted .

Finally, they guaranteed that at the moment, the information on this complaint would be disclosed solely via proper communication channels .

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