Family Didn’t Want Dog Back When She Needed Them Most After Being Hit By A Car

Because there are so many healthy dogs in need of homes, an injury or impairment may rapidly become a death sentence for a puppy looking for a forever family. More dogs are killed when shelters get overcrowded, especially those that may be difficult to relocate.

Some rescue groups, such as Sidewalk Specials, will step in and care for even the most difficult dogs. They rescue dogs from abusive circumstances and euthanasia lists and work with them until they find them the right home.

Willow, one of their rescue dogs, would have been headed for euthanasia or life on the streets if they hadn't intervened.

The dog was brought to the vet after becoming the victim of a hit-and-run. Her owners first wanted to rescue her, but after realizing that the vet would have to amputate her limb, they decided she was no longer wanted. Willow was left behind when her "family" departed the vet office without looking back.

Fortunately, things began to improve for the beautiful dog not long after that! She was adopted into an amazing family and now has a canine sibling!

Watch the video below:

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